Invest Your Time

Time is one of the most important and difficult sacrifices to make—your investment in 18x18 will not be time wasted.

In under 18 minutes, you can advance 18x18:
  • E-Mail 18 friends and colleagues and tell them to visit
  • Like 18x18 on Facebook:  We just launched the page and hope to get 18,000 “likes” by our Annual Convention in November. (it’s ambitious and achievable, just like 18x18)
  • Write letters to your state and national audiology organizations, encouraging them to support 18x18. Download the template letter and proclamation here:
  • Update your ADA member profile to include your home address (as an alternate address) so that ADA can better identify your legislators of record.

If you have 18 hours or more to allocate towards 18x18 initiatives this year, you can also:
  • Volunteer for an 18x18 subcommittee and help develop the strategic and tactical plans for achieving 18x18.
  • Prepare and deliver a presentation to your state audiology organization, a university or to other constituents that need more information about 18x18.
  • Attend a fly-in to help ADA advocate for 18x18 to legislators in Washington DC, or visit legislators in your district (contact ADA headquarters for more information and talking points).
  • Attend the ADA convention and participate in the annual membership meeting and other activities that will support and advance 18x18.