Audiology’s 18x18 Campaign Aims to Achieve Limited License Physician Status, Direct Access and Expanded Audiology Benefits under Medicare

Phoenix, Arizona -- The Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) today announced plans to focus its advocacy efforts towards amending Title XVIII (18) of the Social Security Act to provide for the treatment of Audiologists as physicians for purposes of furnishing audiology services under the Medicare Program, to provide for a broadened scope of audiology services available for coverage under the Medicare program and to enable Medicare beneficiaries to have their choice of qualified audiologist.

Dubbed the 18 by 18 Campaign, this initiative will begin in earnest with the 113th Congress on January 3rd, with a five-year timeframe established to achieve the proposed Title XVIII amendment by 2018.

Download the proposed legislation

“We have discussed this plan with our allies and we have every reason to hope that together, with the support of our collective members, we will achieve this objective within five years,” said ADA President Eric Hagberg, Au.D. “The 18 by 18 Campaign will require the dedication and commitment of every audiologist in order to succeed. It is bigger than any single organization—it is about securing the best future for our patients and our profession by ensuring that audiologists are recognized as the entry point for audiologic care.”

The proposed 18 by 18 legislation, if enacted, would:
  • Allow for Medicare coverage of medically necessary, covered treatment services such as vestibular rehabilitation, cerumen removal, and aural rehabilitation provided by an audiologist practicing within their state defined scope of practice.
  • Eliminate the need for the physician order required for a Medicare beneficiary to receive coverage of medically necessary, covered audiology and vestibular services
  • Allow audiologists the autonomy to make clinical recommendations and practice the full scope of audiology and vestibular care as allowed by their state license and as dictated by their educational requirements and competencies.

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