18x18 Truly Is An Audiology-Wide Movement

ADA would like to thank the following organizations for partnering with us to achieve the 18x18 initiative.
  • Audiological Resource Association
  • Illinois Academy of Audiology
  • Georgia Academy of Audiology
  • Kentucky Academy of Audiology
  • Maryland Academy of Audiology
  • New York State Speech-Language Hearing Association
  • South Carolina Academy of Audiology
18x18 is a comprehensive legislative approach to modernize Medicare to improve access to Audiologic Care and better deploy limited healthcare resources, without sacrificing quality or efficacy.  The proposed legislation, if enacted, would improve the coverage of hearing and balance care by:

  • Providing Medicare patients with direct access to audiologists, without requiring a referral from a medical doctor. As medical necessity would still be required for treatment, this would not increase cost—it would only avoid duplication and increase efficiency while preserving safe, effective care.
  • Allowing seniors to have Medicare expanded access by (audiologist) provider for the full range of audiologic health care services.  In most cases, these services are already covered piece meal under Medicare when delivered by another provider.
  • Defining audiologists as physicians under the Medicare program.  This is the same status held by other non-medical doctor providers in the Medicare program, such as optometrists, podiatrists, dentists and chiropractors. 
If you believe that Audiology should be practiced with the same autonomy and authority as other doctoring professions that require similar education, skills and training (such as optometry, podiatry and chiropractic), join the 18x18 Movement.
If you believe that audiologists should be the entry point for Audiologic Care and that every patient, including Medicare recipients, should have access to safe, effective and efficient hearing and balance health care services, just as federal employees and most Americans enjoy, join the 18x18 Movement.
If you believe that audiologists should be recognized Medicare providers for the full scope of care that they provide under their state licenses and state‐defined scopes of practice, join the 18x18 Movement.
If you believe that coverage of (and access to) comprehensive audiologic benefits will help patients avoid complications, as well as more serious and costly issues that stem from untreated balance and hearing disorders, join the 18x18 Movement.
Contact Stephanie Czuhajewski at sczuhajewski@audiologist.org, for more information