Declare Your Independence by Investing in the Audiology Patient Choice Act Through a Contribution to the ADA Advocacy Fund

Representatives Jenkins and Cartwright have invested political capital and clout into pushing the Audiology Patient Choice Act legislation forward because they believe that Medicare patients and the public will be best served if it is enacted. Nearly 30 organizations have made an investment of time and resources to endorse the Audiology Patient Choice Act because they recognize that it will enhance patient care and advance the interests of their membership. The Audiology Patient Choice Act is a Declaration of Independence for Medicare recipients—allowing them their choice of qualified providers for audiologic care and authorizing Medicare to reimburse audiologists for the Medicare-covered services that they are licensed to provide under their scope of practice.

Help ADA and Representatives Jenkins and Cartwright declare audiology’s independence from outdated Medicare requirements including requirements for a physician’s order as a requisite of care by donating to the Advocacy Fund now. Your donation of $18, $180, $1,800 or any amount will be used exclusively to advance best practices and patient choice by advancing the Audiology Patient Choice Act. Contact Stephanie Czuhajewski to find out how you can get involved in other volunteer efforts to support this legislation.