Audiology Online Educational Webinar to Cover 18x18 Movement

On September 11th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern, Audiology Online will host a live webinar, “Putting Audiology in its Place - Achieving Professional Autonomy as a Doctoring Profession,” which will illustrate the need for audiology parity under Medicare.

Get more information and register here: Putting Audiology in its Place—Achieving Professional Autonomy as a Doctoring Profession

Course Abstract
The coming surge of retiring baby boomers, coupled with the impending drought of physicians to treat them, will create unprecedented challenges for patients and practitioners alike. Audiologists must become the recognized entry point for audiologic care, and audiology must complete its transformation to a doctoring profession as measured by professional autonomy, reimbursement and the achievement of Limited License Physician Status under Medicare. This session will explore the opportunities and obstacles facing our profession and describe how audiology’s 18x18 Initiative will help ensure successful outcomes for audiologists and the patients that they serve.

Featured Presenters
ADA President-elect, Brian Urban, Au.D. and ADA Treasurer, Kim Cavitt, Au.D. will present the one-hour course. If you have friends and colleagues that are not yet familiar with the 18x18 movement and its significance to the profession of audiology, please encourage them to attend this webinar.