August Recess is Perfect Opportunity to Contact Your Legislator and Encourage Support for 18x18 Initiative

By tradition and by law, Congress recesses for the month of August. This year, Congress will be out of session from August 5th through September 6th. During this time, Senators and Representatives return to their home districts to spend time with constituents in their home states.

Please consider using some of your time in August to advocate for our profession’s most pressing priority, achievement of 18x18 legislation that will amend Title XVIII (18) by 2018 to:
  • Provide Medicare patients with direct access to audiologists, without requiring a referral from a medical doctor. As medical necessity would still be required for treatment, this would not increase cost—it would only increase efficiency while preserving safe, effective care.
  • Allow seniors to have Medicare coverage of the full range of audiologic health care services offered by audiologists. In most cases, these services are already covered piece-meal under Medicare when delivered by another provider.
  • Define audiologists as limited license physicians under the Medicare program. This is the same status held by other non-medical doctor providers in the Medicare program.
ADA has prepared background materials, prep sheets, talking points and hand-outs to assist you in enlightening your legislators about the importance of 18x18 legislation to Medicare patients, providers and tax payers. Please contact Stephanie Czuhajewski for more information about scheduling a meeting with your Congressman and/or Senators in your district during the August recess. ADA headquarters will be happy to assist you in scheduling a meeting with your legislators!