Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology Endorses H.R. 5304

On September 18th, the Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology (PAA) announced its endorsement of H.R. 5304, the Audiology Patient Choice Act, which if enacted will dramatically improve access to audiologic care for older Americans.

“Pennsylvania audiologists consistently advocate for patient-centered care, professional parity and the autonomous practice of audiology,” said ADA President Brian Urban, Au.D. “PAA’s vocal support of the Audiology Patient Choice Act will ensure that legislators in the Keystone State are well informed about the necessity and urgency of passing this landmark legislation.”

“It is fitting that PAA and ADA were both founded in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, given their shared commitment to, and rich history of advocating for excellence in audiologic care,” said PAA President Michael W. Dougherty, Au.D., “I look forward to working with all 900 licensed Pennsylvania audiologists, as well as the three university audiology programs based in the Commonwealth, to advance H.R. 5304 on behalf of our patients and our profession.”