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Hearing Loss Association of America Endorses H.R. 2276, the Audiology Patient Choice Act

The Academy of Doctors of Audiology is proud to report that H.R. 2276, the Audiology Patient Choice Act, has garned the endorsement of the Hearing Loss Association of America, HLAA, the premier voice of patients with hearing loss and patient advocates in the country. This endorsement is a recognition of the momentum that ADA has achieved with the introduction of H.R. 2276 in this Congress. HLAA joins the more than fifty organizations that have endorsed this patient focused, and badly needed, reform to Medicare. This comes at a crucial time as the attention of this Congress is focused on healthcare issues, and hearing issues specifically. This bipartisan piece of legislation will provide relief to the more than 30 million Americans that suffer from hearing loss but cannot access the most efficient pathways to care to treat that loss. With more than 10,000 seniors becoming Medicare eligible everyday there is no time to wait to advance this common-sense legislation that brings Audiologic care in line with the recognized best practices in healthcare.

ADA leadership thanks HLAA for their support for the Audiology Patient Choice Act and recognizing the need to cut red-tape from the system to deliver the necessary, high quality, care possible. View their letter of endorsement.