Burpee Challenge

Brian Urban, AuD, is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to quality, audiologic care and that the profession of Audiology has a vibrant future. As a result, he is a strong supporter of the Audiology Patient Choice Act (the Audiology Patient Choice Act) and the 18x18 Movement. 18x18 is the most powerful movement since the start of the AuD campaign. In that spirit, he is ready to get moving to support the Audiology Patient Choice Act by performing 2519 burpees before the AuDacity Convention (November 10 - 12). Is he out of shape? Yes. Will this be easy? No. But it is time to stand up for Audiology (and then repeat that 2518 more times).

His request is simple. He needs audiologist and non-audiologists alike to stand with him to support our patients' access to quality care and the profession we love. Donate $25.19 (that is only $0.01 per burpee) today.

But wait, there is more... Because advocacy does not stop after the convention, Brian will do another 25.19 burpees after AuDacity for every $25.19 donated. He has committed to keep it going as long as the donations come in. So make him work and support your profession at the same time.

Status Update